Payroll Outsourcing


We use Pastel Payroll to do the payrolls. I am a Pastel Payroll consultant with 25years’ experience and a qualified Payroll Administrator and Tax Practitioner.


  1. Preparing the payroll including the processing of overtime, loans, bonus schedules, advances, travel claims, retrenchments, directors fees, etc
  2. Processing employee’s annual, sick, compassionate and other leave days taken.
  3. Advising management of the total salary cost to be paid to staff.
  4. Submission of electronic UIF declaration file to the UIF commissioner.
  5. Preparing a schedule to advise Management of the amounts due for statutory payments (PAYE, SDL & UIF) and other third party payments (e.g. medical aids, retirement funds, garnishee orders, etc.).
  6. Providing you with various payroll reports as agreed on during the set-up phase.
  7. All payslips and reports will be emailed to the client.
  8. Preparing electronic IRP5 and IT3(a) certificates, as required by SARS.
  9. Submission of the electronic IRP5 and IT3(a) certificates to SARS.


Charges will depend on the amount of employees on the payroll per pay frequency. EG. A monthly payroll for 10 staff would be 10 pay slips, but a weekly payroll for 10 staff would be 40-50 pay slips, depending on the month having 4 or 5 weeks.

The service is charged per pay slip, with an annual +- 10% increase

Fees for 2016 (exclusive of VAT)

  • Up to 5 R300 per month (A set fee per month)
  • Up to 10 R50 per payslip
  • Up to 25 R40 per payslip
  • Up to 50 R30 per payslip
  • 50+ R20 per payslip

An initial once off fee is charged for the setup and taking on of opening balances if we need to do a manual take-on. There will not be a take-on fee if we receive a pastel Payroll backup.

Termination of contract is one month written notice, from either party.